Why'd he do all this?

So asked my guy friend if he likes my new hair colour and my dress for the formal and he said about my hair: I don't mind it! And for the dress: he said: it's good I guess.
I started to talking to him about how his best guy friend and I were flirting last night and got pictures together and that it was cute and he saved the whole message about it on sc and also saved the photo I took with the best friend and then I asked him why and he said because its his guy best friend but lol he usually does this when I send him a pic of me with a guy. And also like we ended up talking a bit about how things ended with his last girlfriend and he kept using loads of y 'a when ever he said something that has a y at the end of it. Probz means nothing but I don't know.


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  • Maybe he likes you

    • Hehe thanks for your answer and maybe who knows

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