American Dating Culture?

I usually date intelligent foreign women because each of us can not expect the other to know the dating game of our respective cultures. Coming together at meals means we are forced to behave without games and talk genuinely.

As a CIS white male American, i find it really really hard to date other Americans. I want to enjoy meals and talk but it feels like a game of filters, traits, or, an interview. Are you a cat person? Do you dislike spicy food? Everything is a dealbreaker let alone religion.

If anybody has a chill opinion on how to come together without the flak for Americans, I would really like to hear of it.

I guess, what im really concerned with is that there is a serious lack of men and women who refuse to roll with the punchs and choose to hold the line over the silliest issues: because nobody trusts the other. Each Dater suspects ulterior motives.

Does anybody know how to be seen genuinely by a potential lover?


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  • Date conservative girls. They are actually not very PC and you can talk openly with them.


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