My girlfriend dumbed me for what?

So my girlfriend yesterday dumbed after basically not texting her for eight plus hours that wasn't the reason why just saying I didn't text her for that long because I always text her first and I really shouldn't but anyways. I asked her what I did wrong and she told me I don't know but apparently she gets annoyed every time I've been around her. So listen me out people we've been away from each other for three and half months she comes back in the end of August pretty soon right? She tells me that she's not happy anymore well I can't make her happy if she's 300 miles away from me now I did visit her like two times the first time was almost two weeks and the second time was for two nights in a different city. I love her so much and I still want to be with her it's so hard to make someone loved and happy when their so far apart. Now we've been broken up once for a week and got back together that's another story but I feel so shitty right now and I'll do anything to get her back. We were going to move in together and everything I even bought her our one year anniversary gift that cost me more than I had coming in. And I even bought her a Harry Potter music box. I seriously love her.


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  • i dont wanna hurt you. But you're girlfriend just cheated on you with another guy.
    if you really love her, then you'd forgive her.
    but you gotta talk with her first and understand her needs.
    if not, she'll go to a man who can provide her some.

    • Dude theirs no proof she did

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    • Oh no I want her back lol

    • k thats fkd up.
      so what're doing texting me?
      go out there and do something huge. Something that she'd never forget, even if it's a crazy thing to do

  • excuse me if its a stupid question but isn't "dumped" the right word im just asking because it's my second language and you lost me after "my girlfriend dumbed me..."

    • Oh oops probably auto correct

  • NEXT!! :)

    You've got one-itis and zero options. No wonder you're so sappy!

    • Wtf is that supposed to mean

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    • I honestly don't think I could date anyone else I really love her

    • You love the IDEA of her. You have no idea if you really love this individual or not - you don't even know her.
      Why do people do this to themselves? It's just not gonna turn out the way you think, or the way you wish it will. Time to get real man.

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