If your girlfriend tells you she doesn't feel that you love her, what do you do? What's your first response?


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  • ask a few questions:
    *what makes you think that?
    *What can I do better to have this message convey clearer to you?

    write her a poem, sing her a sting, recreate sunbathing she loves like an excerpt from a movie/book/romance something,

    do you guys have a designated date night? When wad the last time you went on a date? bought her, dead things, I mean flowers?

    • Im single, actually. One od my female friends is going through it with her man.
      He seems rather selfish and when she expresses a need, he makes her feel bad by making up a reason that she should feel bad for him, both making the topic about himself while dismissing hers by means of guilt and pity.
      Im just trying to get responses from other guys to get perspective different than mine as her friend.

    • ahhh well then guys perspective from what I've seen
      Before this information: buy her flowers or tell her it isn't true. Do "damage control" and show her affection lol

      After this information: he sounds manipulative, like he stone walls her, and does zero efforts for communication. Dump his ass.

    • Interesting that no men replied to the question except boob boy

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