What annoys girls?

my girlfriend is distancing herself from me and saying that I'm annoying. when I ask in what I'm annoying so that I can try to work on it, she doesn't say. she just says I'm annoying. what should I do? pls help. I really love her and don't want this to come between us.


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  • as crazy as it may sound you should back off from her awhile... give her the space that she desires... go a couple hours with dry texting back and dont be soo clingy. sometimes girls gdt sick of a guy when he seems too interested... we start paying attention whennoone is giving it to us.

    • u seem to know what u r talking about? my girlfriend broke up with me recently without giving a reason. is there any way I can fix things. pls help!

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  • try giving her some space

    • u seem to know what u r talking about? can u help me out? she's broken up without giving a reason. I don't know what to do? is there any way I can fix things?

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    • if she has lost interest, is there no way that we can fix it? coz I really love her and I wanna make things work and am willing to do anything.

    • Not that I'm aware of, but good luck.

  • sh e needs a date or alone time

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