What to do after 6 years of loving a person that doesn't love you back?

*inhales... exhales* ok guys... so ove been with this guys since high school. we are both out of high school now with a 4 year old son. i have been through soooo much with this guy. cheating, beatings, verbal abuse, losing family and friends due to me not wanting to leave him. I catch him texting other girls all the time... he doesn't claim me at all. he tells them im just his baby mama 😒 we live together you guys. i left him once but he followed me... after a year of trying to make it work at my moms house with him and my family... we packed up everything we had n mpved to another staye where his family is. i must say i wasn't sure if i shouldve left when he first asked but i love him... i can't see myself without him. Now that we are here in this new state, i have caught him texting other girls, from reading the texts he has spent time with some... when we argue he says that he doesn't want a girlfriend but something in me won't let him go. even if i wanted to i feel as if i wouldn't be able to stand on my own now that i am here in a new state and have no family or friends. idc what to do you guys...
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my family baxk home won't say anything to me 😔 i have a great job here in the new state and we just got an apartment together but i can't continue to wake up unhappy and feeling unwanted. i came up with a plan to save up some money n move into a hotel until i can find my own place but without his car ill have no way to get back an forth to work place getting my kid to school n home everyday 😔 smh
What to do after 6 years of loving a person that doesn't love you back?
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