But I dont want to say good bye. Please dont go?

When is it time to say good bye to your first love and that been with for 4 years had a little girl with this person? is there a right time to say it?


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  • Yup. The moment when you feel like this person is a nuisance to your well being, when there are too many arguments and issues among the two... when that once brilliant gold turns into a cold, stale blue... Then you know it's time to end it... You gotta move on

    • i never been in love hell what do i know about being in love anyway. you dovote yourself and base your whole life around this one person , just to find out she isn't the one. Then its the same ol song in dance again. this will hurt. it hurts just a thought of it. i know your right never thought about should i stay or should i go before id just go. thanks

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