Why does my ex want my attention?

She broke up with me more than 2 months ago. Went straight into no contact. Kept my distance. We see each other a lot as we go to the same gym.

anyways, she seems butt hurt about it. Always playing games. Friendly and cold all the time, tries to make me jealous by going out with someone else. Long story short, she is ALWAYS trying to get my attention. She uses her friends for it too.

on Tuesday, she was teasing me. Last night, she looked at me quite a bit.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She probably realised that made a mistake when broke up with you and now she thinks that she doesn't have any come back way to you and this way she is trying to get your attention so you didn't look for other women.


What Guys Said 1

  • She's still not over the breakup and she's probably having conflicting emotions on whether breaking up with you was the right thing or not. I also feel like by you not really caring about what she is doing to you is pissing her off since she's obviously doing all of this to get a reaction out of you. You're taking the breakup maturely while she isn't and she's kind of mad because of that


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