Someone Broke My Heart?

At the beginning of this year I met this guy at school I instantly liked him. He was tall and really funny. I never would have dreamed of talking to him but one day he came up and talked to me. We hit it off and I started really likening him. One day he asked for my number and we texted everyday all day for months. We hung out as often as we could. But then I got sick very sick he stayed with me for two months then one day he stopped talking to me texting for about two weeks he would text me randomly like once then he would go silent. then he texted me and said I just want to be friends. He wanted to run away with me he said and he has mentioned buying me a ring I don't understand. after he said he just wanted to be friends I called him he said I was to good for him I was going places and he was not. He also said if it makes you feel any better you ne ve would have made me happy. but he used to tell me I made him happy. He also said I was to good of a person and it made him depressed later his sister came by (his sister and I are friends) she said that one of the main reasons was because I was sick. It's been a month since he broke up and in that time I have gotten better I've been cured I don't know how to talk to him school is starting soon and we will as each other a lot. I wish i had not made him depressed it still hurts that I did that I did not even know I could hurt someone like that. I feel so bad and broken hearted what do i do?Someone Broke My Heart?


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