Not Good Enough for her? Lost Her forever?

So I tried asking my crush out/told her I had feelings and she just stopped talking to me...

Which broke my heart...

A few months later she has a new boyfriend and is happy with life...

I just feel hurt and sad...

I feel like, If I was just a better guy I could have had her...

Now she's happy with him, she's slept with him :( , and I don't know... I feel like I've lost the best girl in the world.


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  • Ahhh, I'm so sorry man. Let me tell you a story real quick. I was 17 and had this crazy crush on a girl in my class. I eventually confessed, because I just needed and end to wondering if I stood a chance or not. She continued to talk, and sort of fooled me to think there was something there. In the meantime, she was dating this ugly-ass rude guy from another country. I was so crushed. I remember a specific moment I cried so hard and my head shook from the emotional pain. Knowing she had devoted herself to some other guy, and worst of all - knowing they had sex.
    Well, a few months passed, and he treated her like shit. Still she was with him, with a shit-hole instead of with me. She broke up with him, and I fell out of love. It happened slowly but surely over time. She becomes a stranger. It's so cheesy to say it, but time will heal you, mate.
    Obviously I was 17 and dumb, but I think this often applies; After a while, you realize it wasn't a loss. Yeah, sure, being with her would have been a nice experience, but so will being without her be. Now you know, and now you are free to move independently after the initial blow.
    Mourn the loss, feel those feelings, but after a while, focus on you. What happens in your life, what do you want to pursue. You are defiantly good enough. Maybe if she was a better woman she would have wanted you, ever consider that? Maybe she was the one who made the mistake, or maybe she just didn't feel it. It's not your fault. You be you, and as long as you are, nothing can go wrong. If a girl rejected you for being you, she was never right for you.
    Feel - let go - focus on you.

    The woman I love is married, and in a very passionate relationship. I know that she and her husband probably pretty frequently have sex, and it hurts, but it just isn't meant to be. She wouldn't want me, and I'm glad I'm authentic enough to attract the right one.

    • It really hurts she is having sex with someone else... I don't know how to get over that thought.

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  • Move on. She's not the best in the world. That girl is still out there waitinf for you... but you're not gonna find her until you move on.

  • do you still love her and want her back so that i can help you out.

    await your reply

    • I'm confused

    • if you still love her and want her back just mail me on my email so i can put you through on what to do this is my email mccartkatty @ gmail. com

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