Heartbreak forever?

I let someone I liked go it was painful I had to I wasn't getting anything from the relationship it was toxic for me from both sides when things started to get stale I started thinking about someone from my past but I didn't talk to that person and still haven't cause it's to much pain to even start something new this was one of the reasons I let him go my heart wasn't in it plus everything else was so messed up between use didn't want to make it worse but now I'm miserable and sad af I don't know what to do anymore


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  • You have to try to be content with yourself as an individual :) Don't define yourself based on the lack of a partner.

    You are what's important right now :)

  • Heartbreak can last a long time, perhaps forever.
    You may find it helpful to read what the medical/scientific literature says that love is.
    In summary, love is a delusional state of mind that is caused by endorphins, which have an effect that is similar to opiates.
    A broken heart, as it is called, is little more than cold-turkey withdrawal from opiates.
    My first girlfriend fucked me over and broke my heart so comprehensively (38 years ago) that I was rendered incapable of feeling romantic love (eros) for a female.
    The pain through which I went was an extremely effective aversion therapy.


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