Why is he so angry after all these months?

We've been split for almost 10 months, i dont want him back but he still has important files of mine on his computer. He refuses to give them to me. I've tried since day 1 to get them back, but after refusal i leave it alone and ask a few months later. I asked this past Friday over text and no response, i try a call the next day and he responds over text saying that im a crazy bitch and why all of a sudden do i need these files like its the 1st time I've asked. i give up on getting those files at this point, but why the anger? on another note i find it funny he can't actually talk to me on the phone or in person. we last saw each other in early June and he was all smiles and even hugged me, but he hides behind his damn phone texting me horrible things. Why? i feel like im dealing with a 10 yr old instead of 46 yr old man... i would think a normal person who wanted their ex gone would just hand over what they ask for and be done with it. or hell tell me you deleted it lol id be mad but i know he still has them i just want to know why he's hanging on to it it serves him nothing.


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  • He probably loved you or still does love you. When you feel horribly betrayed by someone you love, and they never apologize, it's very easy to carry serious disdain and anger for them.


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  • Well I noticed that you put all the blame for everything onto him and own up to nothing in your part of what happened to the relationship which I'm pretty sure would have a big impact on why he's behaving the way he is. So until you start being honest with yourself about things you'll never understand.

    • i have apologized to him for my part in things, i have never heard 1 apology from him. i nicely ask for my stuff and he won't give it to me.
      i have apologized profusely for all of my part, what more do i need to do?

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