Girls, Girl at gym keeps looking at me?

First off I go to a dif gym on weekend and she works there, at the end of her shift she talks with the receptionist before she goes to the gym to workout. At first when I got s new card I kept glancing when she weren't looking cz she kinda hot. Then EVERYTIME for week later we would look at each other but never speak. So as months went by she then asked if I was using a price of equipment and was kinda shy about it. So I then asked if she finished so I'm not sure if she over heard me saying I'm not going for a few months due to study but it was before she spoke to me then when she left before walking out we both looked at each other again. So 3 months later I'm back at it and she started looking at me again but more intensely cz she gets personal al trained by s guy there but I look at them because the stuff he tells her is rubbish and isn't good for building a body. But since she noticed I look she stares intensely and mocks him during his demonstration so to be honest I'm just wondering why she does t just say hello and keeps looking at me in these ways isit c she thinks o think she's getting it on with the skinny personal. Trainer lol?


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  • Why don't you just say hi and get to know her?

    • I don't usually hit on girls at gym

    • well sounds like it's about to start lol

    • Lol , but that wouldn't be an indication as to why she does what she does.

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