How do I deal with my breakup?

We were off and on for a year and a half. Last year there was a period of time we didn't talk for 5 months but we did get back together again for about a month and then he ended it again. This time is been almost 7 months now and I miss him so much right now. He thinks I'm crazy so he blocked my number but I'm not even trying to get ahold of him. I'm not doing anything I'm just living my own life and letting him live his peacefully. Mutual friends have told me they don't see him much and worry about if he's ok (I know he has serious depression) and I'm just worried about him a lot. The first few months I was ok but now I'm starting to miss him more. I've started dreaming about him again. And my love for him never went away. Last time we spoke he said he hated me and then hung up and blocked me.

I dont one know what to do. I just miss him so much. We used to talk from like 11pm to 5am sometimes on the phone and it felt amazing. I've never connected with anyone like that. And people tell me that I'll meet someone else but I haven't been into anyone or even talked to a guy other than him in years. No one appeals to me and I'm not interested in looking.

I don't even want another relationship I'm happy on my own being single. But I miss him so much. Every time we break up he has always come back and he says he missed me too and that he feels like I'm the one he can talk to about stuff. It makes me wonder if this time he's thinking about me again or wants to talk to me about stuff but he's just too scared to call. I don't know if he understands that if he needs to talk I'm still here for him


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  • I went through a similar thing in highschool. The way i stopped thinking about my ex was by thinking about her. But thinking about all of the bad times we shared together rather than the good times. Hope that helps. Hang in there


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