Eli getting over my ex?

Had an on and off relationship with this guy for about 7 years. 10 months ago he left me for his now fiancé and I don't know how to move on what he did to me. He had said he wanted to marry me and now on oct 28th he's marrying this other girl.

I'm having issues being able to open up to another guy which is setting back my moving on. How do I help this?


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  • You move on. Its not as simple as moving on? Actually it is. You have to gain your life back. Oh Cory how do you do that? You get a life. Find a hobby. Meet new friends. Open up to them. Find yourself. Take up a hobby that is progression oriented. For example getting stronger in the gym... trying to be able to run 2 miles. Watch your body transform. Another example is... yeah... something like photography. I don't know... basically if you're stuck over an ex... You don't have a life or a passion. You've allowed THEM to become your passion.

    • Actually, I've tried all of that and no matter what, as soon as I get close to opening up to a new person I can't and I'm reminded of the pain that was caused.

      I got a new job because I worked with his family members.

      I made a group of new friends.

      I've spent more time with my family.

      I even returned to reading books and working on the yard at my house.

      But no matter what I try to do I can't get the pain caused off my mind.

    • Then at that point no one can help you. You have to find that within your self. It's a weakness. Remember he's not at home thinking about you. He's fucking that other girl.

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  • I can try to help you if you would like, i am in the same situation but we were dating for 4 months


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