Am I crazy? Shouldn't I have gotten a divorce?

My ex-husband was a charming man. However, he truly thought he was above others. It took me years and a failed marriage to realize just how superior he thought he was. I knew he had lied, forged signatures and manipulated people to get what he wanted in the past. He'd even look at me proudly and say "See how I did that?". At the time, I thought this was the streetwise guy I needed, and that he'd never do the same to me. I was wrong.

6 months into our marriage, while I was working my butt off to give us a decent place to live, he was going out with other "friends" (girls he had met through apps the day before) and paying them meals, all while unemployed. The worst part is that I found out he was lying to all of these "just friends": none of them knew he was married. They either thought he was single or that I was the "mean gf" and that he was about to break up with me. He was even planning a trip to Amsterdam with one of his new "friends" after leaving me. He was constantly spending money on alcohol and weed, so I guess these girls were his company on that.

When I confronted him, he was angry, threw stuff around, called me crazy, said I'd never understand his free lifestyle (did I mention he was an enlightened being as well?), and that these new people he met were much cooler than me. He kept blaming me for the things he'd done, as well as my mother, his parents, his country, society. He never said he was sorry, not once. He started running out of people to blame, out of arguments, out of logic. He even tried to manipulate my family into thinking I needed to take medication because I was depressed and couldn't understand reality. Looking back, he was so desperate it's almost funny.

But there's this voice in the back of my head asking what else could I have done? Did I exaggerate? Would other girls accept this and chill? I was sure until now, but some days I just second guess myself and think I need to stop this in order to move on.
Am I crazy? Shouldn't I have gotten a divorce?
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