Attached to a girl but I know she'll never want me so how do I move on?

And she apparently doesn't seem to care if you maintain contact as friends or not?

I never acted needy towards her or showed her I'm attached, but now that she's gone, it's grown in my mind and I've gotten more attached to her than I did before, I just keep thinking about her. This is mostly because of the lack of friends in my life and it is a bit hurtful that she doesn't apparently care if she'll ever see me again, but I guess I have to move on, so what's the best way in this situation?


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  • can I ask what her name is?


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  • Start dating someone new. Make new friends. Get in touch with old friends. It does take time, but eventually life goes on.


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  • If this girl really could care less about you, your friendship or future relationship with you in the first place, she probably isn't even worth your time to begin with. Speaking from someone who this has happened to and as seen others go through it I would try and do exactly what you said to do and move on. Yes it's hard but over time and more available you make yourself this chick will seem like an after thought.

    • It'd be easier if there was nothing tangible, like if she was just an acquaintance or something. But we actually hung out and stuff, but when it was over, she was like "oh well" and dropped the whole thing. The utter coldness left me so confused and baffled and I saw her within the last month and, yup, she could care less.

  • ive been through the same thing...Time is definitely the best cure...try to eliminate everything about her phone number, facebook, MySpace etc...a few months from now you will have realized that there are way hotter and more intelligent girls.

    • It's been a while since the whole spiel happened, several months, but then I accidentally saw her again in person and it set me back a whole lot.... I don't get it. I can tell myself there's better girls and I BELIEVE it, but it's hard to FEEL that way, at least right now.

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