Should I forgive someone?

I have had this suppose to be friend for two years and the second year were friends we meet this guy and we both started to like the guy...well the guy had a tiny crush on me but he never told me and I never told him the days passed and he stared to like he friends they went out I was a little hurt (at that moments I was confused about how I felt for him) so I was happy for them..they never spoke to each other while going out so they broke up and at the end of the school year we had found out by his cousin my best friends that he wanted to ask her out suppose to be friends already knew I liked him a best friends (his cousin) told him that I likes him so he changed his mine about asking him out because he didn't want to hurt my feelings...the second day after he was suppose to ask her out I didn't go to school and my suppose to be friend texted him and called him and SHE ask him out KNOWING HOW I FELT ABOUT HIM..APPARENTLY SHE GAVE A DAME ABOUT ME AND OUR FRIENDSHIP BECAUSE SHE RATHER A BOYFRIEND THAT ONLY LASTED A MONTH...SHE TEXT-ED ME LIKE TWO DAYS AGO SAYING WE NEED TO TALK..SHOULD I FORGIVE HER? OR DO REVENGE?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Revenge gets you no where in life. You think it will make you feel better but usually it doesn't, it makes you feel worse.

    Ask yourself do you want a friend like this in your life? If you do, forgive her and move on. But if you forgive her you can't keep bringing this up in the future when you're angry at her.


What Girls Said 1

  • if you really feel that she really messed up revenge but since she's been your friend for so long tell her that its gonna be a while before she can regain your trust and don't tell her any really deep secrets if she can't respect that then she wasn't a good friend to begin with...


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