Getting back together?

if a girl breaks up saying she lost interest is there any way we can fix things and get back together? pls help!


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What Girls Said 1

  • Get interesting

    • I really like ur answer!!! but will she wanna get back again?

    • There is no guarantee, there never is. But she got attracted to you, others can be attracted to you too and if you improve, it can only get better

What Guys Said 1

  • hi i read your post and i want you to know that i was also having this kin of problem with my husband when he left me but today we are happy back together can you please mail me on my email there are some suggestion i would love to share with you which will help you a lot believe me your ex will be back to you in few days this is my email i will be waiting for your mail mccartkatty @gmail. com


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