What can I do to get her back?

Me and my girlfriend broke up two months ago, we was unhappy because of situations that was happening in our lives, it lead to us arguing lots and not enjoying time together. Ever since we broke up she has gone off the rails, doesn't seem like the same person, she is a christian, and yet goes out and gets drunk all the time.

We have tried to sort things out but it ends up with us both getting in a strop, we have decided now to give each other some space, and she says that she wants to be friends, but sometimes I find that hard to believe, I really want her back with everything I have, but I know that you can't hurry love, I'm just wondering what I can do to get her back.

I'll give you a profile of her:

She said that she will always love and care about me, but right now she isn't in love with me.

she says that she goes out to forget about me.

we recently had a good day together, and she said that she doesn't want it to end, but then we had a bad day, which resulted in awkwardness and an argument.

she has a lot of problems at home.

she is scared that I will hurt her again, but I just want to love her.

i just don't know what to do, as I have tried to patch things up, to no avail. so hopefully this break will do us good, should I make her jealous? should I be a crutch for her? should I leave her alone?


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  • 1. don't make her jealous cause you could pertentiously run her off.

    2. be a crutch but don't be a obvious crutch.

    3. leave her alone for a time span. let her cool down cause during that time she'll be thinking about you and later missing you. then once you think she's better give her attention and supply her needs.

    if love was meant to be wait it out and it'll come back around.


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  • Hun, if you're a Christian and she is having trouble at home..what you need to do is pray for her because all that she needs right now if a friend and not a boyfriend who could potentially add more stress to her life.


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  • "She said that she will always love and care about me, but right now she isn't in love with me."

    That right there is all you needed to say. It's done. Over. There's no relationship anymore.


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