What is my ex girlfriend doing this to me?

She broke up with me more than 2 months ago. Went straight into no contact. Kept my distance. We see each other a lot as we go to the same gym.

anyways, she seems butt hurt about it. Always playing games. Friendly and cold all the time, tries to make me jealous by going out with someone else. Long story short, she is ALWAYS trying to get my attention. She uses her friends To try and grab my attention too.

on Tuesday, she was teasing me. Friday night, she looked at me quite a bit. She honestly has been doing a lot of things to get my attention.

what exactly does she want? Why is she toying with me?


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  • She's crazy. Just ignore her and don't even recognize her, and make her a total stranger till she face you, argue with you and be mad at you. then in the middle of that fight just ask her out.

    • Do this!!!

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    • Yeah. Why not. Only if she's having a go at you for no reason though and is all heated up in the moment. Let her say what she needs to say and then be like, let's talk about this over dinner. Don't ask. Say "let's"

      I'm single though so probably best not to take relationship advice from me 😂

    • mate, once she starts yelling and it gets ugly, you yell at her "you better shut up or I will take you somewhere to help you with that tune" she will yell louder, now you walk away and she will follow, then head to anywhere and she will follow, sit her down talk for a while about any thing that won't fulfill her self-oriented desires then take her to your place and thank me later.
      this happened to me a while ago till I realized how crazy she was and broke up with her, changed my address, my phone number, and luckily I wasn't working back then. hope yours isn't crazy like that one.

  • She has been turned off by you.


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