Contacted ex and she got mad. Any ideas why and what I should do?

My girlfriend broke up with me 2 months ago. Said she needed time and she wasn't sure what she wanted. I gave her space but I didn't want to end the relationship. We talked while we were apart just fine, we were friendly. She offered me to stay at her house any time I was in the area. I never did because I was always with friends. I asked her to hang out a few times but she never did she was always busy. Things seemed ok and she seemed receptive to me. We had dinner once and it was fun. We did t talk too much but it seemed fine. Finally I couldn't hold in that I missed her any longer. I called her and told her how I felt and she sounded mad. Like very irritated, i know her voice. She said she moved on already and told me to move on. She saw I liked an old FB post of us and deleted all her pictures of us and told me to move on and that looking at old pictures was unhealthy. She never said why or what happened. Never told me if I did anything wrong. I know I did nothing like lie cheat steal or anything. I'm not perfect but I can't think of anything I did. It sucks because I know her and she is tough. I'm sure she moved on and now I'm stuck feeling like shit. Did I wait too long to tell her how I feel or did I never stand a chance?


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  • Maybe she just doesn't feel happy in relationship with you. Because this seems a bit like me and my ex. Mayyyybe through that time she found something new to herself and wants you the best? You should just ask her why you two broke up. Because nobody can help as much as her

    • She just said she thought we were at different stages of life. She wants to settle down and she feels I didn't want to. I think I would in time but she never gave me a chance. She won't talk to me at all now. She said it's a waste of energy.

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    • I figured as much. Very hard for me right now.

    • Wish you luck

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