What should I do after he disappeared for apparent no reason?

So I have met this guy through a mutual friend towards the end of may. At first I thought he honestly was a douchebag, but for some reason I stayed at a club with him and another guy for longer than the others and agreed to give him my number. A week after we were on a date and after that he's been writing to me everyday for a month or so, always wishing me good night and such. We have been on lunch dates since we work pretty close and on evening dates, both outside and at my place. He said we should have gone to a city festival together, but then I sensed he kinda felt obliged to invite me there when the date approached. He said I should have also been to a music festival taking place all week end this week, we even checked the line up, but guess what? He withdrew from that as well. The thing is: he had broken up with his girlfriend of 8 years a couple of months before meeting me, they were also living together. For this reason I have never tried to pressure him into anything, and also because I come from a relationship of 4 years myself. He has now moved into his own new house. I saw him 10 days ago the last time, we went for dinner, we had a nice time - he even arranged what we would have both cooked when I came to visit his house - and then, the morning after, he said he would have been in touch and he literally just disappeared from the face of earth. While we were still in bed and we were just waking up he candidly admitted that he had received a text from a colleague of his proposing him to come over at 1AM in the morning. He said he had already rejected that girl and that she can be a bit too much, but it wasn't the first time that he'd mention some colleague who had a crush on him and it turns out that also our mutual friend had seen her. Now, it's pretty clear that he has no more interest in me or that he has discovered that he can have a bit of fun and doesn't want to be tied up. I haven't written him anything since he left. Should I? Any advice?


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  • Just move on and never look back


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