Break up oflr make up?

Im out of my country living with my boyfroend we work a lot always in work and he tells me something i come home and he's high or drunk?
I can't live like this he tells me sorrysorry i let it go but im not happy. He tells me i know and sleeps and now he just went to smoke what should i do i just want to go home im only 19 years old and he is 9 years older than me i can't deal with thiss im to young to stress over some bullshit. He says he loves me and stuff he does for me a lot he does a lot at home but then when we have some time to spend together its just fucked up


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  • Then leave. If you are unhappy and you have your whole life ahead of you leave.
    And word of advice - he'll tell you he's changed and come back give him another chance. Don't listen to hmm until you see that he's changed and he has a job and he's stopped doing the things you don't like. Even then take it slow


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