How to get closure when there is none?

My ex and I were great a few weeks ago. He is an alcoholic and he was clean until recently, where in one week he flipped a 180 and bailed on me constantly to go get blacked out with friends. I snapped and freaked out before telling him I am done, do not come near me, I can not see you again.

I'm leaving to study abroad in Italy in a week. Perfect timing, I know, but I also feel bad and strange getting NO closure and never seeing him again after such an abrupt (not in-person) ending to us. He texted me a few days ago asking for some things back and I ignored him in hopes he will maybe say sorry and that he has to see me before I literally jet off across the world and never see him again.

What should I do? I do not want to contact him because he broke my heart, fucked things up, and is now acting like he doesn't give a shit about me or seeing me before I leave/mending things. SHould I just leave and if he says nothing, do nothing? Leave it all up to him, and if he doesn't do anything or apologize take that as my sign to let him go forever and meet someone in Italy?
How to get closure when there is none?
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