She moved on and I'm the crazy one, what do I do?

6months ago my girlfriend dumped me and cut me. I texted her, tried to ring her she got annoyed and just won't speak up. 3 months later I apologized which she acknowledged, so we walked our own ways and she admitted the way she did things was wrong. But cutting off leaves huge scars. 2 days ago I lost my shit and texted her telling her she is heartless and other stuff. She's going to college this year to another country and I just keep thinking about how I'm thought of the crazy ex amongst her and her friends. She didn't even reply to my insults, she blocked me and told her best friend that it was mean. How do I change the fact that she thinks I'm crazy. I know I may be but I want her to miss me. She's almost a neighbor so that's a problem too.


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  • Well , you can't go back now... all you can do is redeem yourself by moving and finding someone else. I know it is hard when they don't fight for you.. it crushes your ego and wonder why think feel your worthless. Today is my day 8 of no contact to my ex who I left for lies etc. I want so bad to tell him how shitty he is.. but I know it won't change anything and it will make me look crazy... I was an amazing girlfriend not perfect but I accepted what most girls wouldn't so it does hurt he hasn't even fought but it is what it is... find someone else.. someone who makes you happy so you don't seem like your still crazy and hung up on her.

    • I've been hung up on her six months now. Even though she blocked me on Instagram, I still texted her on it so that one she'll open it. I sent all the memories we had and how much I missed her and that I'm trying to let go. and when I called her those things a few days ago after 6 months of silence, things like heartless, she got offended but still. ignored me and asked her friend to confront me. Why was she insulted by my words? I'm not of even any relevance to her

    • The biggest problem is she literally lives in the next tower.

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  • During a breakup, usually both parties seem to be made to look crazy by the friends of the other person if they are immature.

    • That's alright but I was hurt so I lashed out after months. Will her opinion ever change?

  • hi read your post and i want you to know that all you need is settle things amicably, and i want to ask this do you still love her and want her back in your life so i can let you know what to do.

    • I always did? But it's too late, if I text her I know she'll get agitated and ignore it and tell her friends to keep me the fuck away like she did before. Infact she has a new guy best friend and she's leaving for college too to another country. But I just want to end it properly. Before I hurled abuses I did ask her if she wanted to sort things out but she straight up ignored

    • hi i read your post and i want you to know that with all you said you still love her and want to want her back can you mail me so i can let you know what to do and give you some suggestion which will help you a lot to bring her back to your life. this is my email
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