Ex girlfriend found a new boyfriend after a week of breaking up and brings him over to a party that I was in on purpose, how do I move on after that?

She knew I was going to the party because she was there for a brief moment to drop off one of her friends and came back 2 hours afterwards to bring her new boyfriend or "friend".
It's the absolute cold blooded and dark move to do towards me because I'm still trying to get over this break up when she found a rebound almost a couple days afterwards.

Anybody have any opinion on how to erase the pain that I'm going through? It stings like hell right now and I was doing fine until that shit happened.
We've been together for 3 years, longest I've been in, and I've never dealt with this kind of situation before.


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  • ignore them and try to have fun. it's hard yes but be strong, dont text her or talk to her it just shows you're weak, and I'd say sty away from rebounds but you're grown ass man you already know that, right?
    anyways you'll get over it don't over think it.


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  • damn bro not much to tell you just get at new girls... look up rsd max on youtube... it will make you feel better in the long run.


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