Seriously, what was it?

My ex and I were together for a year and 3 months, but I found out he's been cheating on me less than a month after our anniversary. Since the beginning, I was the one who usually pays for our food. He never got me anything for any occasion, not Christmas, not Valentine's. I would be sad, but maybe he would do something at least on our anniversary, I thought to myself. Anniversary came and still nothing. Not even a card. I gave him all my love and attention, cared for him and his well being, sent him sexy pics and vids, I would splurge on him and give him like 3 gifts worth $180 (I'm a student) even if there was no occasion. His type has always been a "thick" woman, and I'm skinny. But throughout our entire relationship, he'd always reassure me and tell me that that didn't matter to him. When I broke up with him, I asked him what was it I lacked, and he said nothing. He said it was just him being greedy.

He always talked about how he wanted me to be his last girl and that he really believed it was fate and shit. But with all that he lacked and all that I gave, I was the one who got fucked over and 1 month after the break up, he's already getting cozy with someone else. Honestly, if he thought all that and still cheated on me, then wasn't it something I did?


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  • You need to understand that people lie. Some lie intentionally, some don't even know that they are doing so and fool themselves and in the process, fool others. Your ex seems to be the latter case. He either manipulated you with the sweet talk or believed in it himself. You both eventually broke up with you getting nothing I'm return in the entire relationship, not even an answer to the breakup. You're being hard on yourself by recalling everything and blaming yourself for something you didn't do. But ask yourself, was it sudden? Did he ever reciprocate your feelings with the intensity that you gave him? If not, wasn't it fated to end? You can't try to hold onto someone who has no intentions of being with you. Move on, forget him. You deserve better.

    • You made me cry. I know though, I do. But I guess it does take time to get over some relationships. Thank you.

    • It's good that you realise. And yeah, it does take time. Good luck!

  • i guess you loved him more.
    But if you think again about all of his saying and actions
    you can notice he was just in for gifts and using you.
    I'm sure you look better than other girls in your university or school.
    so he wanted people to know that he can get a good girl like you mad for him.
    and he has done it.
    the reality is for some people in world relationship is just to show off people that they're so good to take any girl with him or to just show off that he's or she's having a person that will go crazy.
    But you're not that type you're a girl who is really in love type.
    you desert better.
    just think it is better that you left him.
    and proud to be yourself.
    even im a student and don't have enough money i would make small things to give my friends.(my bad i don't have girlfriend)
    so it is not like that he couldn't give anything to you
    but he didn't cared
    I'm sure you went after his looks or
    he come to you craving for love.
    so sorry for you.
    but it's better go Find someone who loves you really than just showing off people about you too being together.


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  • He was a big liar. How could you have been with a deceit for so long?


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