Did he want to hurt me and boost his ego?

So when my boyfriend announced me our break up... i started pestering with phone calls and messages to understand why.. he would not answer at first but then told me is busy.. after 7 calls I said I'm stopped saying I'm going away... he replied where? I said far away peace.. in the evening he blocked me on fb.. I saw it but did not say a word.. the next day noticing I had no reaction he watsapp me saying peace.. I asked him why he was doing this, he tried to make as if he doesn't know but then he told me he will block me here too... I told him I can't stop him. Then he said never to contact him again.. Why did watsapp me then... to boost his ego n hurt me?


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  • Just let him go and move on


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  • he's acting like a damn kid
    cut contacts with him


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