Thinking about my ex too much?

So it's been a year since I broke up with my ex and it seems there hasn't been one day where she hasn't ran through my head once. I also haven't been with a girl since. What do you think of this situation?


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  • It's pretty normal. I think it will get better once you fall for someone else. I went through this exact situation a while ago and I tried to keep my mind off it by keeping myself as busy as possible. :)

    • It just throws me off cause I have plenty of friends who can get a girl on spot even a "good girl" and I would be down to just having a new girl but it feels like something just is stopping that from happening. It's just me isn't it

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    • That's the thing though my ex was my best friend two years prior to us getting together 😫 shits so complicated lol

    • But hell yeah im gonna lean on that I think haha

What Guys Said 1

  • it won't get any easier, just choke your feelings to the death, you're man.

    • But why do that? Those feelings are there for a reason no? I gotta just get with someone else and go from there

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    • Alright man thanks for the advice 😪

    • And in sorry that happened to you

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