Why is that you believe in Love comes with Hate?

As soon as you realize you love someone, you're instantly happy and in this sensation that feels like no other, but then you start to realize the side effects. The side effects of being in love. Or in fake love. But everyone knows that Love is totally different from Hate, right? Just as Black is nothing like White. So why do you think like this?


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  • Not in my world

    • What kind of world do you have? Cause that's mines too, but yours can be different.

    • I never hated any girl. Some maybe hated me, without showing it. I don't think love was near.
      Here on Gag @Risyanne clearly hates my sheer existence. I don't think there's any love. ROFLMAO.

    • Wow, that's me dude 😂 For every girl that I loved including my exes, I never truly hated them even after our breakup.

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  • I've never been in love where hate was involved. Lol. So I'm confused as to what this question insinuates.

    • That means you're not one of the people I'm talking about 😊 Also, you're a really lucky person 👌🏽 Thanks for stopping by, stay lovely.

  • Love and hate are interrelated. You cannot have one without the other.

    • True, but it doesn't make one relative towards the other.

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    • So it doesn't have to be romantic. I think most people would correctly say that a mother's love is not romantic.

    • Shit, what's a word of "nearly romantic".. I could really use it right now.

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  • Love causes hate, when you love something and something happens to it you feel nothing but hate

    • But isn't that what's being misinterpreted? Love is when you're feelings for someone or something is greater than the love for yourself. Hate is towards the person or things that disrupted that, not towards the person you love or claim you love. BECAUSE if you really loved them, you'll never hurt them or destroy the thing, right? Regardless of what they done to you. That's not Love, bro, that's something else.

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    • Oh, I never loved Person B. So, of course I'd kill him.

    • But then again, I doubt if Person A would let me do that due to the affects of murdering him. Like jail, life in prison, and never being truly happy again (which I won't be for a long time). So I wouldn't kill person B, but I'd beat his ass like Zeus 😡

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