My boyfriend doesn't care about our break up?

me and my boyfriend broke up a few days ago, he told me not to talk to him and it shattered me so much. I didn't cause the break up. I asked if he could help me with a phone and he couldnt, so i said i will ask someone else if they have any idea. His accused me of using him. He has told his friends im the reason he dont go drinking anymore, his accused me of cheating so many times. Hid things from me, put Pot first and his dog and he ditched me last week to hang out with these people i didn't know of, i put in the effort to go and see him and he ditched me. I was really upset over it. a friend gave me a mobile and i asked my boyfriend could he please help me with setting it up. Thats when he accused me of being a user, i was really offended and one thing led to another we had a fight. He gave me money as a gift and now wants it back, i told him to have it back. So i dont feel bad or dont owe him anything, am i doing a right thing giving it back? He doesn't really care about the break up. I told him it didn't feel like it and he said "i dont know what to do". He is pretty horrible person, like if i talk to him he tells me to shut up or goes "shhhh" at me or tells me he doesn't care. One of his friends started on me cause i wouldn't talk to her, she accused me of calling her awful names and my boyfriend didn't even stick up for me and it made me so upset, he said "i dont feel sorry for you". Even when my exs mother started on me on facebook, she told me to kill myself, he didn't even care and said that i started it. He smoked pot and ignored me for the rest of the night. If he comes and sees me, he only comes for sex then leaves. If we hang out his is glued to his phone, i dont use my phone cause he doesn't ring me, he stopped ringing about 8 months ago. He is glued to this group on facebook and pokemon. He ditched me to hang out with this group of people and wouldn't let me, why dont he care like i do? What should i do? We have been together for a year now


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  • Let me ask you.. why would you care about someone like that?
    If he really behaved like that all along, you should be happy that he's leaving you alone now.
    If I was you, I'd have broken up with him long ago already..
    He doesn't out any effort in your relationship and doesn't seem to care much about you anyway.. letting him go is the right thing really.

    • He would treat me okay around his friends and my parents, but when they werent around his would talk to me like im dumb, like talk to me in a dumb voice, say "oh nah derr", tell me to shut up or says he doesn't care. I hardly ever spoke around him. I would speak to other people, not flirting. Just a friendly conversation and thats what he seen as friendly or if my mum would have visitors over. He would say "how would you like it if i had a girl here" and the ones that came here were friends with my parents. He was a serious pot head, smoked it everyday, he was a alcoholic and gambled. A friend rold me that she likes to think pot makes them paranoid, cause her girlfriend acted like him. Bring work attitude home, not caring much, fighting and talking like we aren't smart, i have a forgetful mind and i tend to say things more then once. Probably thinking he disrespects his mother. He doesn't, he disrespects his farher though. His a spoilt brat

  • He will do everything to make you feel bad, men are evil.

    • My friends stopped talking to me cause of him, well he wouldn't let me talk to him. The only friend i had was my cat and she didn't like him. I've gotten him things and he told me he hates them, then he denied saying it. I've never cheated before. His compared me to his ex so many times, it got to the point i was jealous of her. Men are evil, well most of them are. He is

  • hmm, either he's a douchebag or he's making you into a submissive woman. Ignore everything, an I MEAN EVERYTHING, his texts, calls, Facebook messages everything. You'll know the result

    • Im hardly on facebook due to our break up. I only get on it to talk to my family that dont live near me. He doesn't text me, hasn't for ages and doesn't ring me, his been ringing my mother phone on a private number and it only rings for a short time then goes out. My mum told me she better not answer it. Cause she will tell him to leave me alone

    • hm well , then you're better of forgetting about him, it seems that he's playing you

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