My introvert ex has broke up with me again. moved back to his parents. Pregnant with his child. How do I get over him?

Me and my ex had been together for just over 2 years. He is 27 and I am his first girlfriend, first time we split was only a few months into the relationship he left because we are different people and said he couldn't give me what I needed and was scared. I chased him and got him back. The second time he left me I just cut off contact went out with my friends got on with my life, but a month later he came crawling back begging to get back together. At first I said no but after a few weeks I gave in because what he was saying I felt like he really ment what he was saying ( he was lost without Me, I'm how world all that stuff) a few months after we got back together he proposed I said yes. We started planning for our wedding but unexpectedly fell pregnant but sadly lost it. But by surprise I fell pregnant straight away both unplanned. I already have 3 children from previous partner and got told I couldn't have anymore so never thought I would have any more. He is amazing with the kids. But as I am pregnant this time a lot of worry due to the recent loss but everything was ok on the scan. Being pregnant as most women know is very hormonal and can make you someone your not I turned very emotional. With him being introvert and doesn't deal with emotions well he has left me. Told me he will be hear for scans witch he did come to the one 2 weeks ago but I havnt heard a word from him since then. I don't want to get back together just would like from a guys point why he would propose start planning wedding be excited when I fell pregnant but leave because hormones made me emotional. And completly cut me out? I'm also finding it so hard to get him out of my head this time around.


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