Anyone else have someone run away from the relationship?

I very recently was broken up with because my now ex got scared of her feelings/realized she wasn't ready for a serious relationship because I fell in love with her and told her that I love her. A a couple of days after I told she got so distant and weird and back and fourth then about 2 weeks after I told her she broke up with me. Then became really confusing and sent a lot of mixed signals. We talked about it a few times and it finally was "I'm just not ready for a serious relationship."
When her and I had met she had just gotten out of a 2 year relationship with a guy that cheated on her. She told me about it when we first met and told me how she didn't want to be in that relationship and was relieved when it ended.
She said I treated her the best she's ever been treated and would say how she's never felt like this for someone before and she sees a future with me.
I understand her not being ready. I do.
It just, it just hurts. She ran away from this and now she won't even talk to me.
I honestly thought she was the "one"
Her and I had this connection that was just, we've never had that with anyone before.

It hurts. I don't really know how to get over it yet.


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  • I ran away from my relationship because I was anxious, I was pressured from all sides (parents, friends and boyfriend), I was unable to make an individual decision, so I just ran... I deleted him from social media but by the time I was ready to apologize he had blocked me from everything and gotten new girlfriends...

    I'm sorry about your situation. When people feel pressured it's hard to make a realistic and practical decision... if your girl feels pressured you need to take it seriously and be careful with her... I'm sure you meant it for the better but it really gets hard for someone who doesn't know what to do

    • I deff wasn't pressuring her on anything. Ever.

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  • I was in this exact same scenario 2 months ago. Though we started out different (fwb that became a serious rship).

    While we initially started off fiery hot (seeing each other daily) it gradually dwindled down to only the weekdays. Her timetable was getting more cramp as her friends poke in, some people from the gym formed a gang she was part with etc. Eventually my position in her life just didn't mattered anymore.

    Her schedule became even more packed with her brother and friends coming back from studying abroad and I noticed she was very tired from running here and there. She'd sleep on our dates, skip lunch dates just to snooze in my car and we barely spoke more than 2 sentences because she was always so groggy.

    I totally understand how you feel because I went through the same phase as you. I saw it coming, but certainly wasn't prepared how to handle it. "I'm just not ready for a serious rship" she said despite there being no pressure from me, or both our parents. In the end she just apologized. Sorry i know we made promises but I can't keep them and she just left. Won't even talk to me anymore.

    Tldr; Hang in there, you aren't the only one going through this. Pick up a new hobby, or get a part time job. Find some real bros and chill. And just move on.


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