I got rejected so hard, I don't know what to do?

So originally this girl seemed to like me and told me that she had no boyfriend 4-5 times and she was continuously hinting she liked me. After that, I got extremely nervous as I am a very shy guy and loner, while she was an extremely popular, flirty, good looking, smart girl. We knew we had feelings for each other and at a point, I got so nervous I started to act weird. Her friend called me crazy weirdo and my crush started to not like me anymore... I feel so heartbroken as we used to like each other and she was the first one to approach me... I gave her a birthday present hinting that I still liked her and then she just said I was weird and was really cold to me... Then I just said "Sorry for being a fucking cunt..., .. never talk to me ever again!". I found it really rude and disrespectful that I gave her a present and she wasn't thankful... Her friend also kept picking on me and gossiping. Later on... both she and her friend spread a BUNCH of rumors about me and I got fucked very badly. Like 200 people heard of my rumors in my university program, as she was extremely popular. Now a lot of people just bully me and keep gossiping and calling me crazy weirdo and sit away from me. I'm a practical delinquent in my University now. I feel extremely rejected and I feel like shit. I know I am a loner and I did act a bit weird, but it was because she was my first love... I didn't really know what to do. But I don't think I deserve all this hatred? I feel like shit as a loner alrdy and I feel even shitier. People just step on me over and over again... It is SO hard... Is it all my fault?


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  • im sorry that happened to you. she's obviously a bitch.

    • like i did do some stupid shit... but her friend was an absolute bitch to me.. and she used to be very nice to me... I did fuck up somewhat, but I don't know if I deserved this much...

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  • You need to just pick yourself up and start acting normal again. Go to school. Do your homework. Get good grades... And focus on that. Forget the girl... maybe she seemed cool at one point but now that's changed and you need to adapt to these changing conditions...

    • I found it hard to concentrate with so many rumors. I went to the library then people just looked at me and stared and talked about me... I feel so shit

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    • why do I intimidate them?

    • Probably because of all those things that happened with girl and the rumors that people spread about you. I don't mean that they are scared of you they just don't wanna be around you...

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  • get over it. there are a lot more girls out there. girls who won't play games and will give up some ass so you won't have to look elsewhere

  • Can I get a #ripdadream in the chat please

    • but I feel sorry for you

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