Contact during no contact?

I had a dramatic break up with an ex, but it wasn't for infedelity or anything too bad, it was mostly for commitment issues and not seeing eye to eye when It comes to our goals in life, did the begging and pleadng initialy but stopped right away and went off the grid for weeks, I did reach out to her and noticed she unblockes myn# and it was a positive reconciliation and she responded the same way we joked and moved on, few days later after more silence she tagged me in a funny video on fb but we aren't friends because she un friended me , how should I proceed, non chalant just like the tag and move on? I know I'm not requesting her she's the one who un friended me.. and is she doing indirect contact to get my attention? the tag was a reminder of a movie we liked and we used to tag each other in everything before we became romantic.. am u over analyzing?


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  • Yeah, like the tag and move on. See if she does anything like that again, and then come back and ask us again hahaha

    • ok she replied to my comment pretty fast actually almost like she doesent care how desperate she looks and I poked fun at her and we joked back and forth

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