Ex fiancé asked what I wanted to do for my birthday?

So after NC. My ex fiancé and I started talking again (friendly) we hung out twice. Once was out to dinner and a get lost adventure driving around (she likes doing that) and second hangout was a 2am breakfast run. We been on really good terms so far and have been texting every day. She asked me if I had plans for my birthday and if I wanted dinner. I'm trying to fix things and hope we get back together, I'm not being pushy, begging or anything. So I sent a text saying..."Lol I'll try and think of a place but you don't need to spend anything on me! But all I wana do is be with you and let the day go as it takes us :) "

She's working right now, but was that ok to send? Sound pushy?


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  • Depends. If she wants to get back together it's a fine message. If she's just wanting to take things slow or be friends, it's hella pushy

    • Thanks for the input, not sure what exactly she may want so I'm just taking it as it is right now and just happy we're talking and hanging out for now.

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