My ex blocked me on Snapchat and Facebook and he just messaged me the other day and I haven't really talked to him?

My ex and I have gone through so much... but then we started being intimate and seeing each other and then kind of fell off a year ago.. he has been messaging me on and off.. and just messaged me telling me how good I look and all that. He did just get some random girl who has like 2 kids pregnant.. and I found out from one of his family members but he still kept me as a friend the past couple months... I haven't spoken to him cause I had no idea how to ask him about it but I kind of kept to myself and was very short with him.. he has no idea I know.. he hasn't posted about her or the baby and neither has she.. I honestly don't even think that they're together but that's irrelevant.. but now today he blocked me on everything and I didn't even do anything.. how does he go from telling me how good I look and asking me what I'm doing and this that and the other to blocking me on everything. Not gonna lie it kind of hurt.. just need some advice or maybe answers as to why he might have done this..


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  • Do you want to move on?😊


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