My ex deleted me off snapchat?

I dated my ex for 6 months, we had a passionate, loving, caring relationship. We are at our early 20's. Its been a month since we broke up and we had each other on snapchat and uploaded selfies, and hobbies (cooking, working out etc...) activities we used to do together. He was the first to view my snapchat stories. I haven't contacted him, I decided to give him space. 3 days After we broke up he texted me at midnight and I didn't responded. The only time I have contacted him was 2 weeks ago, to ask him for some stuff I have in his house, he told be that he was going to leave me the things in my house (gentleman gesture), This week he texted me friendly, telling me that he has been "busy" and apolozing for not leaving my stuff. On Thursday I uploaded 2 selfies on snapchat and then in a party with my friends having a good time (my intention wasn't to hurt him). When he saw the picture of the party he deleted me. I want him back and I miss him so much, I've been so indifferent that maybe he thinks I moved on and that's why he deleted me? What are your thoughts?

-I feel that if i wouldn't had taken the picture of the party, he wouldn't had erased me. Because he was very attentive of my snapchat stories. Everyday I took many pictures throughout the day and he was the first to see them. What should I do if I want to get him back? Do you think we still got a chance?
My ex deleted me off snapchat?
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