I want my best friend back?

she is my ex. but she is more then. just my ex she is my best friend in whole world. And after broke up i managed to fuck up the friend ship as well. call me gay or whatever she means so much to me it a unreal and out of pure anger I manages to losw. thw friendship as well as the relationship. She called me 2 weeks after break yo to tell me she had met someone else out of respect so. i didn't find out through a mutal. friend and I lost my shit. I've never said anything so mean to another human in my life.. bow she blocked my number my FB and won't respond via email. for me it way more then just a relation ship. this hurts. even more then my first girlfriend more then 15 years ago. this women I thought f orsure I would. marry and start a family. with... timea. got tuff and i. turned to alcohol and became a monster and lost more then just a relationship. I lost a friendship. I know thisnisnt a question but more of a vent


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  • I don't think you're going to get her back, you should focus on being a better you.

    • that's just it thought. She help me become the man I am now.. i cracked under serious pressure. i wouldn't take me. back ether and I'm still friend with a few ex's.. but she was my best friend in whole wide world it a been 3 months and things are better yes. I've just never acted out the way I did. And I lost someone who helped me and amazing friendship. becauaw she needed me and I couldn't deal with work stress and losing a big part of our income. Now I lost friend ship dog and house and possible future of. family. I messed this up pretty bad. today it just really getting me

    • sometimes you have days like that. Take care

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