Someone explain. EX boyfriend said he didn't want to talk?

He says he still loves me and has feelings. He's been leaving during our text convos recently. Done it two or three times. We haven't hung out recently because I'm on vacation. I confronted him about it and he said "I do love you its just we are not together so please lets just not talk right now." What? I did leave him alone and we haven't texted... but someone explain?


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  • You are acting as if you haven't actually broken up. A break up is when you say "goodbye," and then you never talk or see each other again.

    Just because he says he loves you doesn't mean that you aren't broken up. I dated a woman for 2 years and broke up even though I loved her because I knew she would never be good for me.

    Anything less than absolute no contact just prolongs the break up and adds drama. It's time to let go. If he later decides that he wants you in his life, he knows how to contact you. In the meanwhile, why would you want to have a relationship with someone who does not want you in their life?

    • "A break up is when you say goodbye and then you never talk or see each other again" - haven't you heard some people stay friends with exes?

      I asked if he still wants to be friends or talk and he said he wants to be friends. I don't understand why he'd lie to me the whole time. He was a very good man when we were together.

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    • I just wish I never met him

    • If you don't want to hear advice, you shouldn't solicit advice.

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  • You didn't mention the reason you guys broke up? Maybe you did something wrong and he wants you to actually try hard to get him back so he actually knows you do really care about him.

    • We broke up cause he thought it wouldn't work since my mom doesn't approve cause she doesn't want me dating

    • Maybe he wants to you to decide if you want something with and and not let your mom decide for you since you're an adult aready. I would keep trying if you really love him.

    • The age is fake. I'm actually under 18

  • he wants sex from you and he will be busy with someone who is satisfying him till you are not with him...


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