Why do girls play with people's heads?

she was my best friend that I fell in love with she always said she loved me but when I asked if she did in the way i did she would dodge the question fast forward a few months our conversations go into more lewd areas things continue until we do it which she makes me promise not to tell anyone but me being the douche i am i tell 3 of my friends so about a month passes we're still talking the same way lovey dovey bullshit when she hits me with a few texts full of rage
and says I never liked you that way and she's mad because I fucked up her chances to get with my best friend (one of the ones I told) keep in mind I told her that i told my friends a few weeks back and she didn't seem mad and now she pulled out this I don't know what to do I still love her it hurts mane


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  • What a bitch of a situation man.

    Reading this I was on her side until she mentioned that she wanted to get with your best friend. She sounds immature and immature girls will do that. It's hard to say for sure, whether she was using you to get to him or whether she just said she wanted to get with him in order to hurt you. Either way, that's life unfortunately dude. She probably won't change.

  • she just wanted sexual fun with u dude u were used so it's better now that u use her apologize her and get her back and then fuck her hard and just treat her like a slut she only deserves that


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