Your ex always ask about your current relationship..Is it OK?

I have this ex. We broke-up 3 years ago..But he keep on asking everything about my relationships after him..And it makes me irritated..I always tell him that my relationships were good so he has nothing to worry about and I won't compare them to him because I don't do that..But still he keeps on asking..I'm really p*ssed off with him..I blocked him from my social networks and changed my mobile number so he can't contact me anymore..But I really don't know why he's doing everything to contact me just to ask about my relationship..


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  • Seems like he hasn't moved on, so he's trying to run back to you.

  • This one is easy! Sounds like you dumped him. He is very unsure of himself.He is either seeking closure or trying to see if there is an opening to date you again. Guys want to always be the " one ". He wants you to think of him and linger on memories of him. No guy wants to be forgotten or think that another guy is better than him. It is best to leave him alone and ignore him. Talking to him will only make him continue, It is his closure he needs to deal with, no matter what you say it will never be good enough.

    • The reason why I blocked him on my social networks and changed my mobile number is because I don't want to talk to him..I'm sick of what he's doing..I'm ignoring him but he's very persistent with that..We already had a closure before we broke up..

      Anyway thanks a lot for the idea.. :)

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