Am I the only one?

So recently my (ex) girlfriend broke up with cause i was "to affectionate and it made her feel bad" and because "I treated her so good her friends were all mad". I (being the angry spiteful person i am) deleated her on snap and facebook. she from time to time still messages me like trying to talk to me like w3 used to. Is it unusual that i want to set a reminder everyday to send her a simple text saying "fuck you"?


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  • I think that is a tad bit immature. I mean it is normal to feel angry after being dumped but at the same time, if you are someone who values integrity and wanting to be the better person, then doing such things is really childish.

    • Oh I don't give a shit about integrity or maturity or any other social perception. Why the fuck should I care what those around me think of me? I'm just saying if she got hit by a car, I would laugh.

    • It's a good thing you two are not together. You both clearly need to work on yourselves.

    • Perception

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  • If she doesn't appreciate you and dumped you then leave her be. Find someone else who would see the good in you. Block her and stop obsessing over her. It's unhealthy and would only waste your time.

    • It just pisses me off that she gave that as a reasoning. I litterally want her life to be worse because of how much effort input into us.

  • Don't do anything that would hurt her feelings. It's horrible what she did of course that she would let other people dictate her relationship. Trust me though you will find someone much better. (:

    • but like if if i dropped ~2 grand on her for gifts and clothes and taking her out is the fuck you justified. would you did it. I know I shouldn't but I know she's going to end up hitting me up whenever she gets bored and i just want her to know she is a terrible human being with shit friends

    • Then just let her know that you don't want any further contact with her and what she did was completely wrong and it hurt you.

    • Oh I did one time when she messaged me. She still messages me trying to be all friendly expecting me to be the same.

  • That's so stupid of her man. I wouldn't say anything. Just ignore her text messages

    • But like do you think a daily fuck you would make her feel bad? cause any joy i brought to her i want to take away ten fold.

    • I get what you mean. But i think silence is a good fuck you in return.. if that makes sense man

    • its just not as satisfying.

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