What makes you genuinely happy?

As a kid, I liked having crushes. When my crush would take interest in someone, I just find another cute guy. I have been cheated on by many partners, but the most recent on was a serious relationship that just went down the drain as well. I sadly can no longer even look at cute guys and think "I want something with him" because even someone who tried so hard to get me to trust him just did the same thing, too. Relationships made me happy. I know you might say that I should do hobbies, but that requires a lot of motivation and happiness for me (art) but I do play the piano sometimes plus I've got school, but I sit in my class still thinking of my ex. I know I shouldn't rely on anyone to make me happy, but now that even my outlook on relationships are more fucked over than before, then what the helllll


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  • use your time in things you like to do for example try to make some type of music like "Beethoven" if you want to be happy stay away from guys and focus on your college and future :) many guys these days are just playing with girls so...

    • God, I know. Cheating is so normalized and sadly, I'm part of this fucked up generation. Goes both ways, so hopefully you never got played.

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    • That's so good for you. When I was 14, I felt the same way. Wiser than others and was able to take control of my happiness, but one guy, for some reason, just changed that. I've been all weak and gross now haha. It'll take time, but I hope all this crap we call feelings just dissipates soon.

    • @usernamessuckass I loved one girl in turkey, but after 2 years I went to the U. S. and then I loved another 3 girls but I didn't talk to any of them we just talked by the eyes, and the last girl I loved was loyal but her past boyfriend which is a student in my class made sex with her and then I said good bey dirty humans :D

  • Waking up next to the woman I love, everyday,...


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