Mixed bag of emotions?

hi. question for the ladies. You in a committed relationship it's not going great and their are some thing lacking. but overall things are good for the most part!! then you meet someone that is in a similar boat that you are in and you are like super close friends. and all you think about is her!! She dominate your every thought. now you tried to play it off as some sort of infatuation that will pass. but it doesn't. at the same time you are still wanting to stay with your current relationship due to honor and the fact that she has been with you for a very long time. my question is ladies do you stay the course and try to "fix" what is broken in your mind or do cut your losses and try to start all over again? so very conflicted.


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  • There's a reason you two have been together in a committed relationship for so long, you two deserve another chance. Think of everything you two have done together. We're you really unhappy with where the relationship is at before you meet this other girl or did she mention it and your mind diet changed because of this "great friend" I say if this new girl knows you're in a committed relationship and she's trying to talk you out of it she's not going to respect you the same way this woman who's been with you for a while will. Trust your brain and decide upon what YOU need, not DESIRE now. You can't go back from a decision like this so be careful and I hope it works for you.


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