Why'd he change his mind?

Long story short?

Ex and I broke up after big fight. Ignored him for 2 weeks. Had a discussion where he said he'd work on his issues, loves and misses me, wants me in his life however I choose to have him. Next day he got distant, told me a few days later that he's scared to try again, didn't know he hurt me that bad and that it bothers him, doesn't want to hurt me again. (NO IDEA why he changed his mind).

In the following days he proceeded to tell me again that he loves me still and is not over me yet.

I was in an accident this weekend, had a miscarriage (didn't know I was 8 weeks pregnant). Told him on Monday, he didn't know what to say and said he'd talk to me once he knew how to feel.

My questions:
How in the hell can I feel so bad about miscarriage, while it looks like he doesn't?
What can I do to break through to him? I really do miss him a lot and would like to get past his "I'm scared" issue.
Should I ignore him again, since it had (unintentionally) worked the week before?


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  • My bet is that he's not scared he just doesn't want to be with you anymore (in two weeks of your absence he assessed the situation and came to that conclusion) and puts it in such way that he's still a nice guy to you and not a jerk.

    • Because I don't believe that if a guy REALLY wants to be with a girl, insecurity can be a serious issue.

    • I understand that, and I agree...
      But the convo where he said he'd work on his issues and wants me, was after those two weeks?

    • Hmm. That's odd. Then I don't know what to say.

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