How long does it take to become attracted to women again after a breakup?

It's been about four weeks since a breakup with a woman I really, deeply loved. I poured out all the love and care I had in my heart and soul for her. It ended really badly when it turned out she was just lying to me about loving me and started dating another guy behind me back, then blocked me.

While I was with her, I felt no attraction to any other women. I couldn't even imagine having sex or touching another woman.

Problem is, I still feel the same. I still love her, although it's fading and I'm moving on. But, I still have zero attraction to other women. I am disgusted by the thought of having sex with another woman, no matter how attractive, and I don't feel anything for any of them. I don't even feel the desire to date them, and I especially feel no ability to fall in-love with anyone to same as I did with me ex, let alone maybe at all,

How long does this stage last, and how can I speed it up? When do I fully-recover from this and get back to normal?


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  • yep it depends I love my ex now it's been 5 years I can't move on still hopeing he comes back but if he didn't I have to force my self to do it with pain when I meet some body and i spend time with that new person that may grow into a new love and even will let you forget the person who hurt you


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  • Well it depends on how deeply you loved her and for how long. I was in love with my ex girlfriend for 6 years. It took me an year to completely recover from brokeup. I had similar feelings as you are having now. Good luck. You would overcome it soon.

    • I very-deeply loved her. I thought she was my soulmate and we would spend an eternity together in heaven.

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    • Or Zagreb, anywhere with a sexy Catholic girl.

    • Ok good luck :)

  • you never will.. its a lost cause. may as well start suckin D


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