What is he doing to me!

Basically I now this great guy for five months

now and we used to have great, exciting,

flirtatious conversations, but right to the

point. I grew up with the mentality and decided

to stay with the thought that most men will

leave the relationship no matter how long it

lasted. So I told him to not take me seriously

because of the same reason and I had lost

hope of love etc. He was shocked and said he

would change my mind no matter what.

Lately, if I don't call him when

he had told me to call him he will treat me the same

like if I meant to not call him! When I tell him goodbye

he comes up with something and then says goodbye

and doesn't give me a chance to reply back? What's

going on? He confuses me...its like his acting up on me

since I have been honest with him in that I do not believe

in relationships lasting therefore me not taking no one

seriously and for them to do the same therefore both

parties won't get hurt.


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  • He is interested in you one way or another, maybe just physical, or he likes your mind or a little of both so when he gets what he wants he it could end or maybe not if he or you feel like it...

    • What would you say are two things I can ask him to give me a hint of what he really wants?

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  • I don't know.l Don't think much about it. He might be on his man period or something. I don't see anything bad.

    Just moody I suppose

  • Damien






    names like that :p