Why does he seem interested but then shows he isn't?

There's a guy that looks at my IG pics all the time. We spent 2 weekends ago together but he hasn't really reached out since then with exception of here and there. We follow each other on IG and he tends to read my message I send every now and then sometimes he responds sometimes he doesn't but he is always looking at my pics. I know cuz I always revise "my story" with new pics and he will go back and look at them. If not interested then why look at them? I'm this close to blocking him from my instagram as well as my phone and moving on.


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  • I imagine if we're interested he'd let you know. I wouldn't block him because that's childish but just ignore him and go on with your life :)

  • He isn't interested. He doesn't show it. You're probably reading into nothing


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